Love Nomads was born out of a passion to love the Fulani people of West Africa in ways that strikingly and tangibly communicate God’s love to them. We wanted a platform and a funding engine to take on projects that will bless, encourage, and transform their communities. So we started Love Nomads coffee in 2014 with a commitment to give away all our profits and be a blessing to the Fulani and others we meet along the way.

Our name refers to our mission as people on a journey to love other people on a journey, whether a morning commute, a seasonal cattle drive, or life's deeper expeditions. We are all nomads in one sense or another. And we seek to recognize the fellow pilgrim in each other. This requires deep relationships as we walk alongside others on the journey. It requires generosity, patience, hospitality, and agenda-free love.

We feel called to deepen those friendships not just with those who look like us, think like us, and believe like us; but with those who are different, who feel unloved, who are alienated on their journey. For us and our partners in Africa, the Fulani are just such a people: they are not always easy to love. They are a marginalized and sometimes hostile people. But still, as our Ghanaian partner Jonah says, “we call them our friends.”

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