From the time Nate was a kid growing up in Duluth, MN, he felt called to work in Africa. He first visited Kenya in 2001 and connected deeply with the warmth and hospitality of Kenyan people. He studied Intercultural Studies at Northwestern College in St. Paul, where he also started a small prayer group for the nomadic Fulani of West Africa. In 2009, He traveled with his family to Guinea to live among the Fulani for 2 months.

Nate attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois where he earned his MA in Intercultural Studies. He moved to Fayetteville, GA where he joined Worldwide Discipleship Association and began conducting leadership trainings throughout Africa. He has worked in Zambia, Ethiopia, DR Congo, and Ghana. It was in Ethiopia that he fell in love with the art and craftsmanship of coffee. He brought home 40 lbs of green Ethiopian coffee beans and began roasting in earnest.

In Ghana, he reconnected with the Fulani tribe and began to dream about ways to work with them in the future. Love Nomads Coffee was born out of that trip. Nate has used Love Nomads as a platform to support and work alongside pastor Jonah in his efforts to befriend, bless, and share God's love in tangible ways with the Fulani people.