2018 Christmas Trio: Sample the World


2018 Christmas Trio: Sample the World

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We are excited to be offering our annual Christmas Trio! For 2018, we've once again compiled 3 unique coffees from around the world:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Lemon, Blueberry, Jasmine (8oz)

Burundi Gatare: Citrus, Toffee, Chamomile (8oz)

Brazil Cerrado: Balanced, Smooth, Nutty (8oz)

We will be shipping all Christmas orders by December 14th to ensure a fresh delivery in time for Christmas, so please be sure to submit all Christmas orders by the 13th!

If you want us to ship to multiple addresses, please email us at lovenomadscoffee@gmail.com. Please include all your addresses and any notes to the recipient you want us to include. We will email you a custom invoice which you can pay online.