Tanzania Tweega -- Juicy, Tangerine, Crisp Acidity


Tanzania Tweega -- Juicy, Tangerine, Crisp Acidity

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Tanzanian Tweega coffee comes from the southern highlands of Tanzania. This coffee has an intensely fruity sweetness, a juicy body, and refreshing acidity. 



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Country: Tanzania

Origin: Tweega

Farm: Tembo Coffee Company

Certifications: AA

Type: High Grown

Varietal: Arabica

Recommended Roast: City to French

Characteristics: Medium Intensity, Juicy Body, Very Refreshing Acidity.



Tanzanian coffees are grown on Mount Kilimanjaro slopes under banana tree shade, an exotic location for this east African coffee. Tanzanian coffee is similar to the coffee of its northern neighbor Kenya. The coffee is graded by bean size AA is largest followed by A and B.