The Fulani are the world’s largest nomadic people group and the inspiration behind Love Nomads.  400 years ago, they brought Islam to West Africa through commerce and cattle migration. Today, they are hated, feared, and marginalized. Most Fulani live isolated in the remote African bush with limited access to healthcare or education.

Our friend Jonah is reaching out the the Fulani with striking humility and relational depth. This has won him acceptance as an “honorary Fulani.” His message is simple: “God loves the Fulani as Fulani.” But Jonah knows it’s not enough just to say it. He intends to show it. In the last year, he has hosted 3 large Fulani gatherings to talk about their deepest felt needs: education and healthcare.

Jonah often travels by bus and bicycle to where the Fulani live, hoping to build deeper friendships and to show God’s love in practical ways. But most of the Fulani are out of Jonah’s reach in remote cattle camps. Though he’s been invited to share his message with many remote Fulani communities, he simply can’t get there, because the only vehicle that can traverse the miles of backcountry foot- paths is a motorcycle.

So in December 2014, Love Nomads Coffee raised enough money through coffee sales and donations to buy Jonah a motorcycle so that he can reach the dispersed Fulani tribe with his message. Whether its motorcycles in Ghana, discipleship training in Ethiopia, or loving a neighbor with free coffee, Love Nomads is committed to making a global impact through simple gestures of genuine love.