From our lovely nomadic coffee fanatics, Grace and Evan:

For some people drinking coffee is ritualistic, for some its a right of passage, for some it’s a dependance, and for some it’s a means of connecting socially. For Evan and I, the reason why we drink coffee each morning can be summed up in three ways.


Drinking coffee each morning allows us a daily routine time to spend quality time together. Life on the road is amazing for many reasons but our favorite is that we get to spend all of our time together. A downside of that can be that it’s easy to not make space for intentional conversation time because we’re so focused on things like navigating our next location or what remains on our work to do lists. Our morning coffee routine allows us the time to sit down at our dinette while we wake up and talk intentionally about how we’re doing, what we’re experiencing, and our relationship. 

Our morning coffee routine also allows us to begin our day with a task where we get to practice working together as a team. It is a means for us to be reminded that we are a team and that we help one another in small and large ways. It bonds us and begins our day with a small (and delightful) success. 


Partaking in prep and consumption of daily coffee additionally allows us to experience our senses. For us, coffee doesn’t just taste yummy and hype us up for the day - it touches all 5 senses. We are always mesmerized by seeing the hot coffee pour into our cups as we watch the steam rise through the morning light (sight). The sound of this delicious beverage pouring into the base of our mug is music to our ears (sound). Using our hands to prepare the masterpiece of coffee provides a tactile gratification (touch). Before even getting a sip, the aroma of hot coffee (smell) awakens our minds and prepares our mouths for what is to come. The first intake of coffee (taste) into our bodies that travels all the way down to warm our bellies only enhances the flavors that can be found in that day’s chosen roast. The coffee experience from start to finish truly awakens all of our senses. 

So, what is it for you? What are the reasons you drink coffee?